Impact Performance Group
Strategy Development: We can assist you in creating a new strategy to refining your current strategy. The ultimate goal is to create a strategy that every person in your organization becomes personally invested in and understands how they contribute to the strategy and the organization's success.

Organizational Alignment: Is the process of creating ownership and accountability for your organization's success with your staff. Our Organizational Alignment Processes begins with a thorough assessment of: Strategy, Structure, People and Process.

High performance Team Coaching: Focused around a specific business result or key strategic initiative that will create significant value for the business. Our coaching is focused on creating roles, accountabilities, structure and process that will ensure the results are met.

Change Management: Understanding fully the change you want to create, define success and create the change management and communication plans to ensure a successful implementation.

Executive Coaching: What do all great athletes have in common? They all have coaches. If you are looking to improve your performance as a leader, manager or coach, our executive coaching methodology will focus on your needs while creating impacts beyond your expectations.
Team Building: We offer a variety of team building events that are designed to enhance your strategic vision and objectives or any theme you are committed to baking into your culture.

Contact our offices at 908-256-6230 to discuss your unique needs. We will design a solution that fits your needs and accomplsihes your results within your budget.