Impact Performance Group
Welcome to Impact Performance Group
We are a management consulting firm with 15+ years of dedicated service. We work with executives of businesses and organizations that are committed to achieving exceptional results. Our expertise is assisting leaders of organizations in achieving results by tapping into their largest and most expensive resource....their people.

We use a no-nonsense approach to guiding you through what is typically considered a messy process.

There are 3 main drivers to creating the business results and impact you desire.
  • Creating a strategy that each person can personally connect to and easily make a connection between what they do every day and overall direction of the business.
  • Creating the leadership needed at all levels in your organization to produce results you require.
  • Creating an environment comprised of trust, collaboration, cohesiveness, and purpose that creates the foundation for personal commitment and investment of your associates.

We have created sustainable results and lasting impacts with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, small family run businesses and non-profit businesses. Our expertise is in assisting you in creating the impacts you desire using proven methodologies and a flexible style that fits you and your organization.

Making an Impact .... We are a management consulting firm  with the expertise and experience
in facilitating the achievement of exceptional and measurable business results.